Meet our family

Your kids deserve only the best and we’re here to bring you the best Vet approved food, premium toys, accessories and treats as well as Lily’s Own all natural treats. Bellow is a little bit about LilysOnline’s family.

picture of lily

Lily Boshoff
The Boss

Hi I’m Lily, I started LilysOnline for all you furry and not so furry friends out there. I love running, swimming in rivers and did I mention running… I LOVE LOVE LOVE RUNNING.

sirus boshoff

Sirus Boshoff
Lilys assistant

Sirus, my brother from another mother loves sleeping, a bit too much if you ask me but there is one thing he loves more than sleeping… Humans… oh he loves them and just wants to say hi cuddle and kiss everyone he meets, a lot like Mom and animals if you ask me.

picture of Sarah

Sarah Boshoff

Mom, known to humans as Sarah loves to run so we get along very well! She also loves saying hi to every animal that she sees and I mean EVERY! She worked in a animal hospital so that she could help them and get loads of cuddles & kisses. She also loves doing dog training with me and my brother which is great.

picture of alexis

Alexis Boshoff

Dad, known to humans as Alexis loves to sit and stare at funny light boxes for hours moving his fingers around making tapping and clicking sounds. He also loves taking us to the mountains and out to sleep in portable human houses often next to rivers… we love that!

About LilysOnline

Hey, Lily here…

Have your humans ever forgotten your food? 7pm on a Friday evening and they’re trying to feed you terrible food from the local supermarket as they’ve forgotten to fetch your tasty regular food from the vet shop and now it’s too late? Life is tough for our humans sometimes and it’s us that suffer! So I came up with a solution…Welcome to LilysOnline – the one stop shop for all your wants and needs! 

Just direct your human our way, tell them what you want and I’ll personally deliver it straight to your front door. I’ve even persuaded my humans to keep track of your food and when it’s likely to run out! So my people will get in touch with your people and remind them you’re nearly out of food – meaning no more missed dinners and terrible replacement food. Winning! 

I’ve tasted and tested all the food, treats, toys and beds and chosen only the best for you. So stop chasing your tail and come and browse LilyOnline, we have what you want!

Now I know some of you have some weird and wonderful friends at home, so I thought of them too. Cats, birds, rats – all sorts of furries – I’ve got them all covered. 

We provide a full range of treats, beds, premium pet food, toys, accessories and the best smelling shampoos to keep you smelling so fresh, your humans will be begging you to sleep on their bed!