Like you, we’re working hard to make sure our pets can live a better life.

If you listen hard enough, your pets will speak to you. Sometimes words fail them, so you have to speak for them. What they are normally trying to say is that they are hungry, other times they want to play and other times they simply want to snuggle up.
Fortunately, around here, our pets have been speaking to us for years and we have become pretty adept with what they are trying to say – including their wants, needs, hopes and dreams and we’ve tried to make this an all-encompassing space to assist you, as your pet’s chosen human to make those dreams come true.

Making it easier for the humans

LilysOnline, is a small company with a big geeky heart. We aim to cater to all your non-human family members at needs at home – we have awesome products for dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, fish, guneapigs and even rats, to name a few! Our business process is simple, but efficient – we are your go-to pet product shop online!

We Listen & we deliver

We are listening to your pets wants, needs and dreams and have simply the best brands for your pet. We started by making sure our daily foods and snacks are vet approved. We only stock the most nutritious food for happy tummies and good shape all round. Healthy snacks for when the munchies set in and for when training needs some serious rewarding. Comfy beds for those power naps to keep energy levels high and sleep as deep as possible. Our toys suited to your pet’s needs, requirements and developmental stages – we have a wide selection from durable chew toys, to plush toys for cuddles, to interactive toys for mental stimulation.

We Believe

We believe that getting your pet the very best should be accessible and affordable, so we can schedule delivery to your door. For your monthly supplies, we are even happy to schedule these for you when you start to run low, so you’re your food stores and snack jars never run dry.


Our name Lilys Online is inspired by the lovable Lily and her brother Sirius, two lovable hounds who insisted their humans never run out of food again.

picture of lily

Lily Boshoff
The Inspiration

Lily, the inspiration behind the brand.

sirus boshoff

Sirus Boshoff
The Co-Inspiration

Sirus, Lily’s lovable brother from another mother.